An unscripted audio series

Based on true events, Traces of Mika, a podcast series of unscripted conversations, follows an ambitious writer from Texas who moved to Atlanta to make her dreams come true.  Pursuing her dreams meant that she could have it all and she did….but at what cost?

Never kiss and tell. Never let them see you cry. Always be ten steps ahead of them.

Each conversation delivers original melodies, raw emotion,  honesty, and sometimes unpopular opinions that deliver gut-wrenching laughter and emotion that will make you laugh, cry, or frown a  time or two.

Track the Conversations:

Track 1 - Who is  Mika? Inside This Episode

Track 2 - Conversations with my Ying Inside This Episode

Track 3 - My love language Inside This Episode

Track 4 - The Around the Way Kinda Girl Inside This Episode

Track 5 - Relationship Chatter with the homies Inside This Episode

Track 6 - Raining in December: A conversation with My Legacy

Track 7 - Open  letter to Mama

Track 8 - Depression is not just a state of mind

Track 9 - Sneak peek……..a look into Suga  Hill

Track 10 - Young Mika Outro

Featuring skits “Dating These  Ni**as” and “Young Mika circa 1997”

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