Are you reading one of Tamika’s books for the month with your book club? If so host a Chocolate Chat Party with Tamika herself.

What’s a Chocolate Chat?

Tamika will travel to where ever your book club is located for an intimate night of chats, slumber, books, food, and giveaways. A Chocolate chat party is a gift from the book club to Tamika while hosting a one on one meeting. This is the perfect way to help promote the author amongst your book club members and your community. Contact Publicist Kayla Mims at [email protected] for more details and required materials to get Tamika to your city. All meetings should have at least a four-month advanced notice.

Also your book club will be upgraded to VIP

VIP Status includes:

  1. Discounted books
  2. Giveaways
  3. Opportunities to buy the author’s next release before it hits the market

And so much more…………………..

Schedule your Chocolate Chats today!

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