Are you reading one of Tamika’s books for the month with your book club? If so host a Chocolate Chat Party with Tamika herself.

What’s a Chocolate Chat?

Tamika will travel to where ever your book club is located for an intimate night of chats, slumber, books, food, and giveaways. A Chocolate chat party is a gift from the book club to Tamika while hosting a one on one meeting. This is the perfect way to help promote the author amongst your book club members and your community. Contact Publicist Kayla Mims at for more details and required materials to get Tamika to your city. All meetings should have at least a four-month advanced notice.

Also your book club will be upgraded to VIP

VIP Status includes:

  1. Discounted books
  2. Giveaways
  3. Opportunities to buy the author’s next release before it hits the market

And so much more…………………..

Schedule your Chocolate Chats today!

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