Meet Tamika

From teen mom to CEO by the age of twenty, Tamika Newhouse, the author of 16 novels, has landed on numerous best sellers’ lists and is the winner of 8 African American Literary Awards. Only nine months after debuting her first novel in 2009, she landed a major publishing contract without an agent and went on to become the CEO of Delphine Publications. To date she has published nearly 200 titles, launched the careers of hundreds of writers, and produces the only entertainment award show for writers, called the AAMBC Literary Awards. In 2019, she will serve as co-producer and writer on the bio-pic for legendary Hip-Hop group 8 Ball & MJG film, Comin Out Hard. With more books and films in the works, Tamika presently tours the country curating literary infused events to heighten the awareness for literacy and the publicizing of our stories.


3x Winner for Self-Published Author of the Year

Award Winner

In 2010, she was inducted into Who’s Who in Black San Antonio. In 2011, her company Delphine Publications won an African American Literary Award for Best Anthology, and for the second time, Tamika won Self Published Author of the Year. The National Women in Business Association also nominated her for the 2011 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. In 2013, she was honored with the Author of Distinction E. Lynn Harris Award. She is the winner of 7 African American Literary Awards.


Tamika Today

She has quickly become the Shonda Rhimes in Black Publishing, due to her creative skills in discovering talent, her unique events that features celebrities from across the nation, and being the creator of AAMBC, one of the most influential brands in the publishing industry. Tamika presently tours the country speaking about overcoming her teen pregnancy to fulfill her dream, as well as teaching aspiring writers the publishing ropes. She resides in Atlanta with her children.


A Couple of Things About Me

  • I wrote my first book at the age of 12

  • I once preached an entire sermon in front of 300 people

  • I never went to prom

  • I can't sing but that doesn't stop me from trying

  • I never got to tell this one guy that I loved him (#thewordsididntsay)

  • I was obsessed with Stefan on Family Matters

  • When I was 28 years old I sang on the Apollo stage

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