Tamika Newhouse

"Imagine that you’re having this amazing dream. Now imagine opening your eyes and discovering that it wasn’t just a dream"

When I was twenty-one I booked my first flight from Texas to North Carolina to promote my debut book, The Ultimate No-No. I was soooooo excited to tell people about my new book that I was booking flights before the book even released. But I only sold 4 books on my first go at it. And you know what I was excited about those 4 books. I was so excited that after that, I was on a plane every month promoting my books, eventually landing a major book deal for The Ultimate No-No without an agent.

And I'm still catching flights!


Oct 3, 2021 Book Signing @ Dock Bookshop in Fort Worth, TX at 2PM | bitly.com/3kMAaPE
Mar 2021 Los Angeles
April 2022 Black Women's Expo | Chicago, IL
May 2022 New York
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