Upscale Magazine April 2020 Issue features me! Go Mika!

So imagine how we’re all feeling being stuck in the house because of a pandemic. A real life pandemic! The day I received this article in my inbox we were about three weeks into a mandatory quarantine. COVID-19 was running rampant through the world and although millions had to readjust their life, there I sat still in my house, on my laptop, working lol. Granted I had compassion for those going through a change and adjusting to what life had thrown but I was used to my days being mine.

It’s been ten years since I have worked a job, maybe even longer since I followed the authority of another lol. But working from home and controlling my time has been the my top priority over the last several years. But anywho….receiving this story on me had me smiling from ear to ear. For a minute there, I had forgotten about the interview. I often do things or accomplish things and keep it moving but not this time. I actually took some time to send the article to friends and family. Sharing with them that I had finally revealed my struggle with mental illness to the media for the first time.

Not to be ashamed of my brain lol but it took me until now to even be able to adjust to who I really am. This adds a lot more layers to me. For over five years I have been on a healing journey, taking up therapy, discovering new and old things about myself,, developing better communication skills, and most importantly facing and dealing with my own grief and trauma.

Granted, the article is short thank goodness because I truly hate talking about myself lol. Y’all may think that I am lying but I actually like to be home, in my space, and in my own world writing. But here’s to a new chapter. The one where I begin to share the things that I have learned with others who are currently struggling to find their happiness.

Dig into the article and share with anyone you feel may need to be inspired. Also want to dig into my Podcast visit here. xo


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