Teen Mom Turned CEO Wins 1st Film Festival Award with Memoir Podcast


Tamika Newhouse defeated the stigma that a Black girl’s life is derailed and sometimes over when she has an unexpected pregnancy. The Texan teen mom of two refused to let anyone or anything stop her from chasing her childhood dream of becoming an author. For the past 13 years, Tamika has been a must-watch trailblazer … Read more

Traces of Mika Episode 01: Who is Mika?

Fb Img 1565902243284

It’s crazy to try to even explain myself in a conversation. I can be one of the most complex individuals that you could ever meet but also loveeeeee at the same time. Becoming who I am now, well let’s just say that came with a lot of trial and error.  The first track of Traces … Read more

Exclusive Excerpt: The Words I Didn't Say 2, Coming Feb 21st

“Let’s imitate some Fifty Shades of Grey over some Jodeci grooves” You build. You love. You grow together. Rosalyn felt that with Denim; she would have happiness that would always last. But when the romance died down, so did his loyalty. After discovering Denim’s infidelity, Rosalyn decides to end their relationship and start anew, or … Read more

Tamika’s New York state of Mind #TamikaDiaries

I had the pleasure of enjoying a nice long business trip to New York City during the ever so popular New York Fashion Week. It is the premiere fashion week in the country and I definitely went in with a intrigued mind. Fashion shows, models, bloggers, magazines, editors, designers, stylists, and so much was going … Read more

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