Plain Jane 2 finally drops this Spring

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Who’s the predator?

Just when she thought that she played the game well, the game began to play her. Jealousy is an emotion that is foreign to Joycyln. When discovering her protégé, Silk, has taken a liking to Natalie in more ways than one, she vows to put a stop to it. What could break up the two lovers? Kenneth, Natalie’s estranged husband.

Battling demons from her past, backstabbers in her present, and an uncertain future, Natalie is struggling to keep her world together. Becoming a power player in this devious game of forbidden sex, love, scandal, Miss Plain Jane is now a scandalous version of her former self.

Who’s the prey?

The follow up to Plain Jane gets steamier and the quest to claim one person; Natalie, heats up. Will Natalie fall blind to the three people in her life vying for her attention? The prize is Natalie; who’s going to win? Is it her new best friend, who holds a secret desire for her, her newest flame, who is part of a devious plan, or her estranged husband, who now wants her back?

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