Kisses Don't Lie 2- snippet


                I would never admit that I ran from my problems. But then again we can lie to ourselves the best. No wonder I was sitting here listening to this man talk a good game. I don’t know what the hell he was saying but he looked good saying it. I had to block his good looks out of my mind, because since making partner it was my duty to keep personal and business separated. That is besides Keith.

Hmmm just thinking about Keith gets me wet right now. I loved to feel that man in between my legs and for a damn good reason too. He was good at what he did. But who was I fooling, I was torn.

Trying to take my mind off of my own issues I took my attention back to my colleague, David a junior partner in my marketing firm along with myself. He offered to take me out for drinks since he was new to DC and didn’t know anyone here. I guess I wanted to be nice. Being nice was going to get me in trouble as I sipped slowly on my long island. I couldn’t get tipsy and not be accountable for my actions with Mr. Sexy. Plus having sex with one man in the office was good enough.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket as I gave David a one second warning as I checked to see who it was. I pressed the menu button and saw his name flash across my screen. Chris!

It was a text from the man I ran away from. The man I knew I couldn’t be with because I had unfinished business with his brother Dean. Ugh and how could I forget Dean? My very first love. But that shit ended in a nightmare after the wife he failed to mention came after me and tried to shoot my ass. No literally she tried to kill me. That’s why she is sitting in jail now. Seven years before her crazy ass gets out. Thank goodness.

I glanced at my phone again and gave David an uncomfortable smile as the message said, “Look behind you.”

Turning slowly inch by inch I turn around in my seat and surveillance the restaurants room. And then there he sat. He smiled and then reached for his phone again.

My phone vibrated as I knew he sent another text message. Blowing out hot air as I thought I left my problems back in Texas I looked at my phone to see it say, “I’m ready to be with you when you are and if making DC is my new home then so be it.”

Sulking in my seat as I turned back around to face David I slowly said, “Can we call it a night, I just saw someone I knew and I know it’s going to be a long night?”

David kindly agreed and got out of his seat. As I watched him walk out the door I stood up from my seat and marched over to Chris.

Standing across from him at the table he sat at I folded my arms across my chest and said, “So you made the move huh?”

He smiled again and said, “I let you get away before, but this time I’m not going to let you go that easily.”

I couldn’t help but to smile as I read his expression as he declared his love for me. I loved this man, but as soon as I wanted to say how happy I was to see him Dean and then Keith popped in my head. I knew I had to make a choice on what I was going to do and quick.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“I’m sitting here aren’t I?” Chris was a secret affair I had craved back in college. One passionate kiss led to a decade of feelings that I never acted out on. Mainly because he was the brother to the man I had promised to be with. But being with Dean was out of the questions now that his wife tried to kill me. I would be a fool to try to be with him after that.

I plopped myself down in chair right in front of him and just stared for a moment. I smiled, and then he smiled. No words were spoken. I blew out air and poked my bottom lip out as if I was preparing to throw a tantrum. “I can’t say no to you Chris.”

He leaned forward in his seat and licked his lips before saying, “I’m not here to make you love me. You just simply do.” His words didn’t make me cringe or shy away. Because he was right; I did love him.
















                I couldn’t breathe. I was huffing and puffing so hard my insides felt like they were sitting in the middle of my throat. I rolled over onto the other side of the bed to readjust the way I was lying when Tionna came marching into my room. “Ok Ms. Mary Poppins do you need help in here?”

“Tionna not right now ok? This baby is giving me the blues and I am ready for this sucker to come out.”

Tionna laughed and rolled her eyes, “At five months preggers oh you’ll be waiting alright. Little Mikey ain’t ready to come out.”

I rolled my eyes and reminded her that my son wasn’t going to be a junior. “Why not Brit Brat? Name that boy after his daddy.”

“Look I don’t have time for this. I got to get up and go to work.”

Now Tionna was the one huffing and puffing and rolling her eyes. “Michael gives you more than enough money, he put a bid on a house for you and your stubborn ass still want quit that sorry ass receptionist job.”

“Why would I?” I asked, rolling out of bed to find my clothes for work. I had said to Tionna and my mother for that fact on more than one occasion, Michael doesn’t owe me anything. So everything that he is giving today he can take away tomorrow and then where would I be?

“You need to trust that man, Brittany. He loves you.”

I knew Tionna was right. He showed me he loved me every day. But I know men and all men are the same deep down. Michael may want to do right but he is a man and men falter like a mother fu…. Tionna called out my name interrupting my thought.


“What heifer, damn I am getting dressed.”

“Never mind, I’ll just let you be hard headed.”

I walked out of my closet with my shoes in tow and said, “Thanks for butting out of my business.”

“Ugh that baby has you mean as hell. Call me when you get off of work. I’m out.” She got up from her seat walked over and kissed me on the cheek before leaving. I embraced her gesture and then continued to place on my work shoes when I heard her call my name.

I yelled out as I got up from where I was sitting to walk toward my apartment living room, “What Tionna I thought you were gone.” Tionna stood there with my front door open. I noticed someone standing on the opposite side of my door and began to stand on my tippy toes to see who it was over Tionna’s shoulder.

Tionna’s expression had me raising one eyebrow in concern. Whoever it was she didn’t seem to be happy to see them. “Who are you?” Tionna held a lot of attitude in her question as I finally saw the face of who it was. Oh she’s cute, wonder who that is.

                I wobbled over to stand next to Tionna as the woman began to speak, “Hi there is Brittany home?”

“I don’t know you to be coming over and just asking for someone and we don’t know you. You do own a phone right?” Tionna interrogated her again. I didn’t understand why Tionna was being so rude to her. Then again as Tionna was asking the question I was thinking the same thing. How does she know me?

Making it to the doorway I stood next to Tionna and got an easy view of the short woman. She was clearly around my age in her mid-twenties. Her extensions were long and curly with a hint of red streaks, she was cute, has a small button like nose and big brown eyes, skin was blemish free and just as golden as the sun.

As I looked her over my eyes trailed down to her belly. Oh she’s pregnant. “I’m Brittany, what’s up?” I butted in. My curiosity was running thin.

The lady smiled and looked at me and said, “You are a cutie.” I frown with a mixture of being flattered but was uncomfortable at the same time.

Tionna rose up her hand and said, “Miss if you don’t mind, who are you? Are you selling something or what?”

She giggled and waved her hand off at us in a friendly gesture. “Oh I am sorry. I am being rude; I was simply coming to meet Brittany. I mean I couldn’t wait to meet you because we have something in common.” She looked down toward my stomach and pointed, “I can tell you’re in your second trimester huh?”

I nodded my head and gave her a slow confused yes. “And you are?”

She extended her hand and said, “I am LeAnn. Sorry to be so rude. I just entered my second trimester too.”

Tionna shrugged her shoulders and said, “Whoopty do. What’s up? How do we know you?”

“Oh you don’t. I was actually asked not to seek out and talk to you but I thought it was only fair. You see we have something in common.” LeAnn continued.

I added, “Yes you said that before and what is the common ground that we so happen to both be standing on?” This girl was getting more weird by the minute and I could tell Tionna was about to go off.

She looked down at her belly then to mines before looking back up at my face and said, “Our babies. They will have the same father.”



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