i made a podcast and now i have to talk about it!

Now I am not too thrilled about the idea that I have to talk about what I talked about on Traces of Mika. I would rather folks listen and then gather their thoughts on their own. Why? Shoot, it’s simple to me, I don’t like being the center of attention. Well not in this capacity anyway. My home is my safe haven and my friends are my peace of mind, so when I embark on this press tour for Traces of Mika I get somewhat annoyed or socially sick.

My introverted soul will just not let me be great lol. But I am taking this journey one step at a time. First step is placing my foot down where I live, that’s Atlanta. Partnering up with the Screening Room ATL, I hosted my first silent party for people to hear parts of the podcast that would entice their interests. I played the first episode with them and then spoke about the development of the series.

Let’s just say that I got mt feet wet now and I am excited about the tour that’s developing for 2020.

Lordddddddddddddddd here I go, talking to more people again. Ya’ll wish my introverted soul well and hopefully I’ll tackle this feeling head on.

Listen now to the first episode of Traces of Mika here

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