Have you been kissed? Get your copy of Kisses Don't Lie 2

Pictured here is Latisha Richardson of Tifton, GA holding her winning copy of Kisses Don’t Lie 2. Just this past Christmas Eve my seventh novel, Kisses Don’t Lie 2 was released. And can you believe it; not even a week and many have asked for a part three. Ugh can I say the pressure is on? I am so excited about the feedback thus far and hope that I get more positive feedback and who knows maybe a part three will come.

Synopsis: After moving on from her first love Dean, Kyla finds love with his brother Chris. But when Chris relocates to make a new life for them he discovers lies that could break Kyla’s heart but could finally get rid of Keith, Kyla’s current boyfriend. Forced to protect her and keep the lies a secret, Chris’s choice to be quiet can ruin his chance at love with Kyla. Meanwhile Brittany is prepping to have Michael’s baby that is until an unlikely visitor claims she is the one Michael is with when he is not with her. When Chance returns to mend a friendship lost because of lies, Brittany finds comfort in the arms of Chance; the man who once held her heart and her relationship with Michael is put to the ultimate test.

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