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Tamika L. Newhouse

Tamika Newhouse, Author is a spellbinding writer that creates stories she feels everyone can relate to in some form or another. After years of finding her true self through her writing, Tamika has set out on a journey to motivate women like her self. She captivates the minds of those who have high hopes by expressing her yearn for greatness and her constant pursuit for the next best thing. Her down to earth “tell it like it is” themes have drawn in many who have started to look up to her as an inspiration

Drawing from her strict roots from a single mother Tamika has made it her mission to express the importance of pursuing what you love to do. Still, in college pursuing her bachelors while maintaining a family, Tamika depicts a life with balance in hopes to show others that they can do it all. Read below to learn more about Tamika’s relatable, straight forward, mind-bending key areas that will for sure be appealing to your audience or organization.

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  • Motivational Speaking
  • Pursuing your dream
  • Be You: How to turn your brand into a platform
  • Marketing 101: Steps to Promote my Novel
  • So you think you want to be a published author: Steps to Self Publish
  • From teen mom to CEO

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