Exclusive Excerpt: The Words I Didn't Say 2, Coming Feb 21st

The Words I Didn't Say 2 by [Newhouse, Tamika, Young, Justin Q]“Let’s imitate some Fifty Shades of Grey over some Jodeci grooves”

You build. You love. You grow together. Rosalyn felt that with Denim; she would have happiness that would always last. But when the romance died down, so did his loyalty. After discovering Denim’s infidelity, Rosalyn decides to end their relationship and start anew, or so she thought.

Loving Rosalyn wasn’t as hard as staying faithful to her, when Denim finds himself in compromising positions with other women. But, when Rosalyn decides to break up instead of working it out, he is forced to know what it feels like not to have her in his life. Temporary pleasures don’t work for him and when he discovers Rosalyn may be moving on, he must decide to finally step up and be the man she wants, or walk away.

In the follow up to The Words I Didn’t Say, Denim gets a second chance at love, but like most, he doesn’t know what to do with it. Sex, lies, deceit, and betrayal will have you wondering whether these two will finally let go of their pride and speak their heart? Or will love be lost once again?




I was anxious, looking at the clock. The few drinks we both had while sitting at the restaurant, had us both talking a lil shit to one another and feeling ourselves. The heat of her body next to me and the scent of her perfume, only made matters worse. Her smile was toxic, her eyes inviting; it was the way she moved, how she crossed her legs and tucked her hair behind her ear. I just wanted to grab a handful of it and fuck the shit out of her. I was gonna make her scream out my name tonight, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. Under the table, I massaged my growing erection while looking at her.
“Our bodies communicate the things we are thinking eighty percent of the time.”
Without taking my eyes off her, I responded that I agreed. She was brushing up against me on purpose and while I was playing it cool as if I wasn’t bothered, I was thinking, that ass is mines.
“What are we doing?” Roslyn asked, rubbing her finger around the rim of her glass. Half of the rum n’ Coke she was drinking was left; maybe two swallows, I gauged. I tilted my head for a second about to respond to her, but seeing the waitress instead, I stopped her.
“When you get the chance please, I need the check.”
“Do you need a to-go box?”
The smoked salmon I had was delicious with the shrimp, but I didn’t want to be bothered with something to carry. I had plans.
“No, thank you.”
Roslyn sipped the final contents of her drink while I signed the receipt. I looked over towards her when I finished to see if she was good, and she was already collecting her purse and putting it on her shoulder. Helping her out of the booth, I placed my hand on her lower back, just above her ass. The crease in the middle of her back felt noticeably erotic to the touch. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough.
It took about ten minutes before we arrived at her home. Walking inside, she went to disarm the alarm while directing me to sit down in the living room. I looked around for a second, taking in her home, her personality, the décor. I took off my blazer, opened up the top collar of my shirt to get more comfortable, and sat back on the couch.
“You want anything?” she called out.
“Just you… that’s fine with me.”
Moments later, she walked into the room with just a T-shirt and her panties on, biting on her bottom lip. She was a black goddess, and her skin had that sheen on it that made my mind begin wondering some things. Picking up the remote, she turned on her stereo, Jhené Aiko soft sultry voice filled the room.
“Suited and booted I been hit by cupid/ I’m being recruited/ I’m ready for more/ I’m ready for war.” Jhené and Roslyn both sang while she straddled my lap. She leaned in slowly to kiss me, but stopped just inches from my lips to look me in my eyes.
“All I ask, is that you don’t hurt me. I’m tired of being hurt, I just want to love.”
Her facial expression was serious, but not in a mean way. Serious in a submissive way, in a way that she was tired of fighting a battle and just wanted to give in. I reached up to touch the side of her face and in that very moment, no other words needed to be exchanged. I pulled her towards me with both hands and plunged my tongue deep within her mouth. Our kissing was passionate and purposeful; I had something to prove.
A moan escaped Roslyn’s mouth as I touched her spots. She rubbed her sex against me, the thin fabric rubbed against my growing erection. I could tell was turning her on as she moved her hips back n’ forth. I grabbed a handful of hair in the back of her head and pulled, making her neck more accessible to me. I trailed kisses from her neck to her ears, stopping at her earlobe. Listening to her breathing was indicator enough that I was hitting all the correct spots, while she massaged my shoulders and head with her hands.
“You okay?” I whispered softly in her ear.
“Yes,” she whispered back, while nodding at the same time.
I took her earlobe into my mouth and began sucking on it lightly as I took her hand and directed her to where I wanted to be touched.
“I am so wet right now,” she said, grabbing my finger and sticking it into her mouth. Roslyn sucked on one finger, then two, then turning to lick the side of my cheeks before she began kissing me wildly. I just sat back, allowing her to do her thing while caressing her ass, then reaching for her breast.
Roslyn stopped only to unbutton my shirt, before spreading it open widely to kiss on my chest and bite lightly at my skin. The feeling was euphoric as I closed my eyes and felt her kisses trail downward. She grabbed my belt and tried loosening it, but I had to assist her. I undid the belt and my pants, before opening my pants and pulling them and my boxer briefs to my thighs, just enough for my dick to spring free.
Without hesitation, she wrapped her hands around my length and put me deep within the warmth of her mouth. The immediate feeling of her tongue along the head of my dick was enough for me to allow a small moan of ecstasy to escape.
“Shitttttttt.” I began moving my hips and fucking her mouth, directing her as to how deep I wanted her to go, as well as when I wanted her to just focus on the head. She was driving me crazy, running her tongue down my shaft to my balls, where she sucked on one and then the other. I watched her with lustful passion. She stroked me very little with her hands, which I loved; her mouth felt amazing. She was sucking my dick as if she had something to prove. I tried burying myself further and further, the feeling was beyond anything I could imagine. I opened my legs wider as she ran her tongue against my inner thigh, smacking my dick against the side of her face.
I didn’t want to cum like this, even though I could if she kept going.
“Take them fucking panties off, I want to feel you.” My patience had worn off, and now my appetite since seeing her in the park had been to get inside of her. The moment was here. As she stood to pull her panties down her legs and step out of them, I grabbed the condom from my pocket and tore open the packet. I watched her while rolling the latex back on my dick.
“Come with me.”

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