Surprise! Queen Pens launches their North America Tour Dates

Queen Pens LLC The Queens Gathering is coming! Queen Pens announces their North American tour dates Chicago marks the first Queens Gathering Queen Pens is set to hit over seven cities this year alone in their quest to inspire, inform, and entertain. Queen Pens is a traveling production that brings millennials face-to-face with their favorite authors and … Read more

Exclusive Excerpt: The Words I Didn't Say 2, Coming Feb 21st

“Let’s imitate some Fifty Shades of Grey over some Jodeci grooves” You build. You love. You grow together. Rosalyn felt that with Denim; she would have happiness that would always last. But when the romance died down, so did his loyalty. After discovering Denim’s infidelity, Rosalyn decides to end their relationship and start anew, or … Read more

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